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Truth & Fiction: James Greer

James Greer talks Guided by Voices, his new band Detective, and doing Broadway with Steven Soderbergh.

Truth & Fiction

James Greer is an author and screenwriter though many also know him as being a member of Guided By Voices during the mid-1990s. After leaving the band James wrote two stunning, genre-melting novels, Artificial Light and The Failure, both for Dennis Cooper’s Akashic Books imprint.  James’s new band, with Guylaine Vivarat, is called Detective and they’re preparing the release of their debut album, Hilarious Heaven, this summer. James has also written several studio comedy films as well as the much-discussed Steven Soderbergh musical about the life of Cleopatra starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, with songs by Guided by Voices. James told us the inside story of how that film might become a Broadway show, as well as how it is to work day-to-day with Soderbergh. The director, James reveals, does not like to attend rock shows. We also discussed screenwriting versus novels, Joyland’s excessive branding, faking your knowledge of Broadway, and how James needs geographical distance to write. This show also features an early mix of a track from Detective’s upcoming album, Hilarious Heaven.



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