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Extracurricular Report

A monthly round-up of the goings-on of the editors and authors who bring you Joyland.

Former Midwest editor Charles McLeod is getting ready to release his first books in the US. Originally published by Random House UK, the novel American Weather and story collection National Treasures will be domestically available through Outpost 19 Books.

Co-publisher Emily Schultz has received a number of incredible reviews for her genre-bending feminist novel, The Blondes. She’s touring Canada this October, from Vancouver to Toronto and all her dates can be found here, including a panel discussion alongside Margaret Atwood.

New Midwest editor Anna Prushinskaya has a story on the Two Serious Ladies site.

Toronto editor Emily Keeler has launched her own publishing concern called Little Brother magazine. Printing nerds should note that it is created on a Risograph machine. She is also blogging for the new mag Hazlitt.

Joyland New York author Emily St. John Mandel is on tour through the Midwest.