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Truth & Fiction: Ami Greko

image: Marc Ngui

On this podcast: Publishing is a predominately female staffed business. As that business becomes a digital-first platform, it is running into the world of tech, a historically male centric world. What happens from here and why women still don’t feel confident talking tech are just two of the questions that host Emily Schultz asks Ami Greko in this episode.

Joyland Night at Word Brooklyn and AWP Chicago

Word Brooklyn is a great bookstore that's launching its online ebook storefront. They've invited Joyland to put together a reading and talk this February 8 at 7PM. I'll be reading—maybe from The Consumed Guide, definitely from I, Tania—along with my co-publisher Emily Schultz and Joyland author Jim Hanas.  We'll be giving away print copies of Joyland Retro to anyone who buys an ebook in-store. It's a fascinating meeting- halfway-point for anyone following the digital versus brick-and-mortar store discussion.