Andrew Binks

Andrew Binks has worked, written, acted, and taught across the globe, from Fringe Festival solo shows, to the Stratford Festival, to Da Vinci’s Inquest, to modelling in Paris, to teaching business English in Japan. Binks holds a BA in Drama from Queen's University, a diploma from LAMDA and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. A finalist in the Writers' Union of Canada Short Prose Contest and This Magazine's Great Canadian Literary Hunt, Binks' fiction, non-fiction, and poetry has appeared in Galleon, PRISM International, Harrington Gay Men's Literary Quarterly, Bent Magazine, the Globe and Mail, Xtra, Queen's Alumni Review, Quill's lust issue, and the Velvet Avalanche poetry anthology. After fifteen years in Vancouver, he has returned to Ontario. His first novel, "The Summer Between," will be released this Spring by Nightwood Editions. "Alcazar's House" is extracted from a novel-in-progress. Website